Man’s best friend. My best friend

Man’s best friend is a phrase often used to reference the close bond we have with our pet dogs.  Never has a truer word been spoken! I adore my dog and after reading Claire Justine’s post about her lovely dog Mollie I felt I had to share my story.

My wonderful dog is called Bliss. If you follow me on Instagram you will probably be familiar with her wild fur and chocolate button eyes. I have an incredible bond with my four legged friend that amazes me every day. Cats were always my pet of choice so to have such a  strong bond with a dog surprised noone more than me!

Mans best friend

Man’s best friend

I can’t remember how we decided to get a dog. I was quite content being a 4 children, 1 cat family. Nevertheless I was persuaded that we had a space in the family that needed filling. And fill it she did. Bliss is 5 years old now but I cannot remember when she wasn’t with us. She is a mixed breed. Part Labrador, part Golden Retriever and a bit of Poodle. A goldenlabradoodle perhaps? What ever you call her she is perfection itself.

Bliss is very protective of me and always finds a way to insert herself inbetween me and anyone she deems to be too close. This has led to some amusing moments when the children or Mr M try to hug me. Bliss soon separates us (but in the most gentle way). She also stays close at night. Preferring to sleep on my feet or next to me if at all possible. My very own shadow.

Bliss enjoying the sunshine

My best friend

She is a gentle giant. Loving nothing more than an afternoon cup of tea and then a lie down. The cat adores her too and they are often found snuggling each other. She loves a good run in the forest and thankfully isn’t a dog who likes muddy puddles. It is a great sorrow that I am unwell at the moment and unable to walk her. We now pay a wonderful lady to walk her for me. So she has the bonus of a lovely bunch of doggy friends to run around with.

Mans best friend - My best friend

Don’t think that it’s all plan sailing though. She is lazy, greedy and hairy. Her fur moults like nothing I have ever seen. Hoovering is a full time occupation. This mutt loves nothing more than raiding our waste bin for scraps. Hose piping down a dog covered in pasta sauce is no picnic. Nor are the ensuing stomach upsets due to her ‘feasts’. She farts like a trooper and has no concept of personal space.

Do you know what though? This lazy, greedy, smelly dog is the light of my life. I cannot imagine her not being by my side. Once you welcome a dog into your life you will soon agree that they are man’s best friend (and woman’s too).

Do you have a dog? Or are you a cat person? Why not share your story too.