A short respite

Hooray, the children are finally back at school! I have struggled somewhat with them this holiday due to my knee injury. However, we did manage to have a lovely break away in Somerset and do some exploring so all was not lost. The holidays have been crazy busy. So much has happened that I don’t feel like I’ve had time to draw breath. We have huge plans on the horizon so I am very much in need of a short respite. Here’s a little catch up and a hint of things to come.

I’m exhausted!

Emotionally and physically it has been hard to run my teenager fight club for 6 weeks. Who knew there were so many things a child could argue about? If 4 children is not enough, there have been sleepovers galore and a self emptying fridge to contend with.

OJ’s friends don’t even knock when they come in anymore and have frightened the life out of me on more than one occasion. Last night a complete stranger walked into the lounge by mistake at 10pm. He was as surprised as us, thinking he had walked into the wrong house. OJ and his friends were in the next room laughing uncontrollably at the error.

There have been many changes on the home front. Mr M took delivery of the biggest shed known to mankind. The garden has also seen a mini makeover whereby we painted the fences and created new flower beds. The hallway has been partially plastered. The master bedroom redecorated. Glitter paint added to B’s bedroom walls and the bathroom painted. Phew! It is never ending when you are renovating. Expect many interior style posts in the upcoming weeks!

Drinking a cup of tea, reading and relaxingPhoto by Anthony Tran  It is obviously not me, there is no clunky, ugly knee brace!

A short respite

And by short I mean very short. The children’s return to school/college has left me with 3 days of peace to recharge my batteries before the weekend. We have a tiny window to get all half finished jobs completed before the next big project starts. We will no doubt spend the weekend decorating (as ever).

I plan to spend my time relaxing, drinking tea, having bubble baths and indulging myself. How that will pan out is anyone’s guess, since today I have spent my time hoovering, ironing and cleaning. However, tomorrow is a new day and I see a little afternoon nap in my diary to counteract the housework. As an introvert, I really need these few days of silence and self indulgence because on Monday that will all change…

A big project

We are starting our loft extension!. We did not expect to be able to do the work this year so it’s a wonderful surprise to be able to put our plans into action.  I am excited for 2 further rooms, especially since Junior moving into the loft leaves the main bedroom empty. It won’t be empty for long though. It is earmarked to be my very own craft room! Eek. A dream come true.

I am less excited about potentially 4 months of builders and various other tradesmen. I don’t do mornings and I don’t do mess. Hmmm. I expect I will become frustrated by the noise and intrusion and the constant cups of tea I will be brewing. My hip surgery is expected towards the end of the build so the rest of the year is going to be manic. That is why my short respite is so important. I really need a rest. Now if I can only stop ironing for long enough to start…