7 surefire signs that you are middle aged!

When does middle age start? What are the signs that you are middle aged? Is it an actual age you reach or a state of mind that you achieve? Who knows and really, does it matter, but just for fun, here are a few pointers that might indicate that middle age has set in for you.

7 surefire signs that you are middle aged!

1: Policemen, doctors and teachers seem to be getting younger.  You see a policeman and think he should be doing a paper round instead of being on the beat. How can a person straight out of nappies be qualified to be a Doctor?

2: They keep remaking films and tv programmes from your youth. What was wrong with the original? If it wasn’t bad enough that they are remaking Charmed, it is sacrilege that they are rebooting Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What fresh hell is this? Does nobody have any original ideas for new content?

3: It is so much harder to lose weight. How smug I felt as a young women who could literally eat all the pies and not gain an ounce. No more. Middle age spread is truly spreading. Add into that the perimenopause and it is a recipe for muffin tops.

Red haired lady asleep on a chair. Signs that you are middle aged

4: The glory of an afternoon nap. Nothing beats a little snooze. Gain extra points if you wake up with a startled air of confusion, with your reading  glasses dangling off your face.

5: The joy of socks. Nothing beats a new pair. You ask for them for Christmas and actually mean it!

6: Clothes and trends from your youth are suddenly retro cool. You think you have entered a time vortex when your enter New Look. What’s more, your start to look at elasticated waists with longing and think how comfy they look.

7: Sheds and hobby rooms are the new night clubs. Your evenings are spent knitting, not dancing. Your husband no longer disappears for a few pints and comes back 4 hours later, raging drunk. Instead he disappears into the shed, with a mug of tea, where he quietly listens to the radio as he does as bit of diy.

All is not lost

So, you’ve established the signs that you are middle aged. What next? Well, embrace it! It is not the sign of the beginning of a decline but rather the sign that you have reached the time of your life where you can finally put yourself first. You are likely past the stage of changing nappies, your children are older and more independent. You have time to indulge yourself and the hobbies that you are developing. Make the most of it. Think of it as the start of a golden age in your life and make the most of it.

Heck, you’re only this age once!