Autumn in Powis Castle gardens

Last weekend we visited to Wales on a mini break. We used our National Trust membership to visit Powis Castle gardens. The multi layered gardens, which are over 300 years old, are arranged over a series of terraces leading down the hillside towards the formal gardens. They are renown as one of the best surviving examples of Baroque garden design in the United Kingdom. I knew that looking at flowers was not necessarily going to be a huge hit with the kids so we visited while they were holding a hunt the pumpkin event.

I hoped that a challenge would keep them engaged. A series of clues led you to pumpkins hidden throughout the grounds which had letters carved into them. Once you had collected all the clues you had to rearrange the anagram to form your answer. Bobbins and Peanut, ably assisted by Mr M were soon busy running around trying to solve the puzzle.

Since I am still on crutches Junior and I took the accessible slope to the bottom and went very much at our own pace. Junior is very keen on photography and had taken his camera with him. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to take pictures, explore and chat together while the girls followed the pumpkin hunt.

I was struck by how parts of the garden were still full of glorious summer blooms and other parts had turned the wonderful russet hues of autumn. It seemed surprising that the 2 seasons should exist next to each other.

Powis Castle gardens in pictures

Autumnal leavesA beautiful autumnal scene

Red flower headContrasting with a glorious red bloom

Yellow flower headJuxtaposed against beautiful orange flowers

Holly leavesHolly berries ready for Winter. Notice how half the leaves are spiky and the others smooth

Holding a bunch of wine grapesPeanut, having been caught munching on a bunch of wine grapes

The girls were thrilled when they solved the anagram. They did become a little frustrated after that so I gave them my phone and sent them off to take pictures, which soon did the trick. After that they had a good run around the huge lawns. I think children need a good run everyday! I then tried to take some snaps off them all together. How hard is it to get them to look in one direction?

From the bottom of the gardens you got a really good view of the castle and the terraces. I don’t think we had appreciated the true size until we looked from this angle.

Powis castle gardens in autumn

We spent a couple of hours in the garden and despite a few misgivings the children really enjoyed themselves. Next time I will go prepared with some little cameras for the girls. I was surprised how good some of the pictures they took were and it’s a hobby I would like to encourage. We didn’t have time to explore all of the grounds or the castle itself. We will revisit at a later date and rectify that! Powis Castle gardens are a truly stunning site to behold in autumn. I wonder what winter will bring to the gardens?


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Hello Autumn!

Today marks the autumn equinox and is the official start of autumn! The season has been turning for a few weeks but I am still rather excited that it is official now. Autumn is my absolute favourite season. I love the colours, the smells, the textures and the whole atmosphere of this time of year.

Beautiful autumn leavesPhoto by kazuend on Unsplash

Summer and me have never really got along. I burn so easily I spend most of the time avoiding the sunshine and don’t ever really feel wholly relaxed. Autumn though is a different matter. I can go outside for longer than 10 minutes without an inch thick layer of sun screen. I can jump up and down in puddles and crunch in luscious fallen leaves.  Sitting by the log burner, munching on crumpets, becomes part of the everyday routine. Fragrant candles fill the air with beautiful scents. It is a delight from start to finish.

Hello Autumn! I love you

A handful of conkers. Collecting them is an autumn ritual

Autumn activities

We have been busy this week planning autumn activities for the weeks ahead. Our list is not complete by any means, but so far we have included;

  • apple pressing
  • collecting conkers, acorns and fir cones
  • picking and carving pumpkins
  • a spooky forest walk
  • making stews and hearty soups in the slow cooker
  • splashing in muddy puddles
  • watch a firework display
  • make our own candles
  • toast crumpets and marshmallows on an open fire

Autumn crafts

I don’t know about you but the crafting I do seems to change with the seasons. Sewing, card making and yarn crafts seem much more appealing as the nights draw in. I started to teach myself to crochet earlier in the year but put it to one side with the warmer weather. Now though, I am back at it and find it relaxing to crochet in the evenings. It was probably an error to think that a huge blanket would be a good first project, but I am going to crack on with it and then try a few smaller projects.

a crocheted multicolour blanket, an ideal autumn projectA labour of love

I think some crocheted leaf garlands will look amazing draped across our fireplace. Junior has also requested a beanie hat, so my hook will be very busy! I mistakenly bought some fabric (yeah right) that I plan to make a cosy cardy with and I may even make a few Christmas gifts. It’s going to be all go for the next few weeks. The change in weather has really rejuvenated me. How about you? Are you excited for the change of seasons?

What are your plans for autumn?