The difference between UK and US crochet stitches

Last year, during a lull in my dressmaking I decided to teach myself how to crochet. Being a visual learner, I turned to YouTube to help me with the stitches. Once I had mastered tension and moved on to different stitches I hit a problem. Different vloggers would give the same stitch a different name. I couldn’t understand why and almost gave up before I had got to grips with my new hobby. Eventually I found the answer. The same stitch has a different name depending on where in the world you live. UK and US crocheters use different terms for exactly the same stitch. So, what is the difference between UK and US crochet stitches?

The difference between UK and US crochet stitches

The difference between UK and US crochet stitches


                                                UK —  US                                                        

Chain CH — Chain CH

Slip stitch SS — Slip stitch SS

Double DC — Single SC

Half treble HTR — Half double HDC

Treble TR — Double DC

Double treble DTR — Treble TRB

Triple treble TTR — Double treble DTR


Useful to know

Not all bloggers, vloggers or pattern companies will tell you what terminology they are using. To make it even more confusing some UK vloggers will use US terminology because they are targeting the larger American audience. If looking at the pattern itself doesn’t give you a clue to the stitches used, look for the term ‘single crochet’. The UK doesn’t use have a single crochet stitch so you can be pretty sure it’s an American pattern and translate accordingly.

A useful rule of thumb is that British stitches are one stitch up from their American counterparts. A US single is a UK double. A US double is a UK treble and so on. Another hint is in hook sizes. British hooks are numbered  (eg 5mm hook) whereas the American hooks have letters to determine size.

I hope this helps you to navigate the sometimes confusing difference between UK and US crochet stitches.

Happy hooking!

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5 ways to got your sewjo back

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a sewing rut. It happens to us all at one time or the other. Maybe you are just too busy, you are ill or have had a few projects fail. There doesn’t even have to be a reason. So what should you do if you lose your enthusiasm and your sewing mojo? Don’t worry! All is not lost. Here are 5 ways to get your sewjo back.

5 ways to get your sewjo back

Getting my sewjo back

1: Take a break

This will seem counterintuative but it really does help. Step away from your sewing table and do something else. Read a book, exercise, bake. Do anything except sewing. You need to give your brain a rest so that when you return to sewing you are refreshed and eager to create something fantastic.

2: Try a new craft

Following on from the above point, use your break to explore other creative avenues. Last year, whilst in a lull I taught myself to crochet. Although you are not sewing you are still being creative and ideas often come from something unrelated.

3: Tidy your stash

Tidying up your fabric and patterns could just be the spark you need. It is easy to forget about fabrics and patterns that you put to one side because they weren’t quite right at the time. Our tastes naturally change and evolve over time. Maybe something that wasn’t right 2 years ago would be just perfect now? While you are at it make sure your work space is tidy. A cluttered space is hard to work in. Make your space inviting and somewhere you want to be.

4: Remake an old favorite

If you have had a few projects not turn out as hoped go back and remake one of your TNT (tried and true) patterns. I have a few things that I can make with my eyes closed but the end results are always really good. If you are really stuck go back to basics and make a cushion cover. If you are assured a good outcome you can guarantee you will feel good with the end result.

5: Check out social media

Pinterest, YouTube and blogs are all great sources of inspiration. Look at what others have been making and let it fire your imagination. Would you make it the same way or change it?  There are tutorials on YouTube for just about every sewing skill you could imagine. Use them to conquer that element that has stopped sewing being a pleasure for you. There is nothing like learning something new to make you feel on top of the world.


Sewing is a wonderful hobby that is gaining in popularity every year. It is only natural that on occasion you won’t really be in the mood. However, don’t despair if you do lose the urge to sew. There are always ways to get your sewjo back!

How would you reignite your passion for your hobby?

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Reflections on 2017 and planning ahead

Happy New Year!Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Hello and a belated happy new year! I had been all set to start the new year with a bang. However, in my post Christmas haze I totally lost track of the days and really struggled to get back into a routine. My start to the year has definitely been more of a slow fizzle than an explosion of activity! Now that I’ve finally got a grip on what day it is I think it would be a good idea to share my reflections on 2017 and what we plan for 2018.

Reflections on 2017

2017Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

The children achieved so much this year but are growing up way too fast! Hormones abound. I need a self-filling fridge to keep up with their appetites and a larger dining table is now a priority to accommodate the random friends who appear at all hours.

My hip problems continue and I have been passed from pillar to post looking for answers. It has taken over 2 years to be referred to a specialist, who I saw this week. The proposed surgery I need is risky and could potentially make me worse so I have big decisions ahead. This year I was also hospitalised twice with post hysterectomy complications and underwent genetic testing for the BRCA1 gene. It has not been a great year health wise.

A large portion of the year was spent unexpectedly removing a dangerous chimney breast and renovating our bathroom. The end result is stunning but it really wasn’t the project we wanted to be doing; plans to convert the loft had to be delayed due to this work. We also finished a few smaller projects. Renovations seems never ending!

Despite everything we did get out and about a lot this year, making good use of out NT membership. It has been lovely to visit new places and explore different surroundings. The highlights for us were Apple Day and visiting Powis Castle

Plans for 2018

2018Photo by NordWood Themes

To a certain extent it will be more of the same. More days out, more home renovations, more time spent exploring our hobbies. If it isn’t broke why fix it?

Middle age spread had sadly become a concern for me. I am unable to do much exercise so I need to change my diet instead. It’s so unfair that you have to eat less to simply stay the same weight as you age. I am also still struggling to find a personal style, or even indeed any style. With that in mind I hope to make more of my own clothes this year, at least then I can guarantee a good fit!

I want to spend more time as a whole on my hobbies. My book case is brimming with novels waiting to be opened. My sewing to-do list is ever expanding and my vegetable patch is standing barren, waiting for me to get into gear. I think sharing a monthly update on my craft projects and my gardening endeavors will help to make me accountable for my time and give me something positive to focus on.

I am aware I need to spend time on my mental health this year. Last year I struggled so much with my lack of mobility and ever increasing pain levels. Whilst not depressed, I was very low for a good portion of the time. I felt flat and had very little to say. I feel that the fog is lifting now but it is something I have to work on rather than waiting for things to change on their own.

The big event for the year will be my Mom’s wedding in early March. She is still battling ovarian cancer so this is a much needed chink of sunshine for us to look forward to. Hopefully the great British weather will either give us a wonderful snow filled day or one brimming with sunshine. Nothing in between will be acceptable!

Bring it on 2018!

So there it is. A few reflections on 2017 and a snippet of what we plan for 2018. I am sure that with a little positive thought and a lot of hard work we can make 2018 a wonderful year!

What are your plans for 2018?


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