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I am not currently updating due to unexpected surgery. My recovery will take a few months. Please excuse my absence. I plan to be back in the new year. Thank you for you patience and support during this difficult time.

7 surefire signs that you are middle aged!

When does middle age start? What are the signs that you are middle aged? Is it an actual age you reach or a state of mind that you achieve? Who knows and really, does it…

Learning to accept my disability

It has taken me a very long time to accept that I have a disability. After 3 years I have accepted there is no easy fix. Indeed, there may not even be a fix and…

A short respite

Hooray, the children are finally back at school! I have struggled somewhat with them this holiday due to my knee injury. However, we did manage to have a lovely break away in Somerset and do…

Oops, I did it again!

I seem to start many of my posts with an apology of why I haven’t updated for a while. This one will be no different. Although I do feel like I have a corker of…

Fond memories of my school days {and how it has all changed}

With end of term exams looming we have had lots of discussions about school this week. This sent me on a trip down memory lane as I reflected upon my own youth. I have such…

Man’s best friend. My best friend

Man’s best friend is a phrase often used to reference the close bond we have with our pet dogs.  Never has a truer word been spoken! I adore my dog and after reading Claire Justine’s…

Down but not out

Life has been very hard lately. I am focusing on self care, sure in the knowledge that things will improve with time. I am down but not out!